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Tongue & Tonic

Tongue & Tonic offers a flexible and individual approach to becoming and staying well.  We have spent considerable time developing our corporate health options and approach.  After 17 years in private clinic, facilitating at events and running small groups and workshops across all aspects of health, we have your needs covered.  Corporate health insurance companies and the government are also getting behind health in the workplace with financial kick backs, with some health insurance companies granting rebates.  Please check with your health insurance company for details, as we are registered health providers.

Benefits to your Team may include:

  • Increased activity and productivity
  • Increased Immune Health and a decrease in sick leave
  • Increased body awareness leading to a decrease in stress, headaches and pain
  • Decrease in the stress, anxiety and depression and an increase in peaceful sleep
  • Understanding of diet to increase circulation, stamina and relaxation
  • Creating a consistent boost of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain leading to a happier mindset in the workplace
  • Providing knowledge on how to keep yourself healthy, not only effects the immediate person, but has a knock on effect of those around them, their families and friends leading to a more content existence at work and home, which we all know can cross over sometimes.

Our Team

  • Massage Therapists
  • Ergonomics and Postural Assessment
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Chinese Medicine Doctors
  • Nutritional Advisers
  • Lifestyle Coaches – Use many techniques which may include; meditation, counselling, dietary advice, exercise advice and NLP
  • Personal and Group Training
  • Mediation
  • Sound Healing
  • Corporate Health Catering – Recipes developed by our Chef, Alex Abrahams and Chinese doctor and nutritional advisor, Jemima Toby.


  • Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or an Annual event – we are here to cater to the needs of your team.
  • Seated Massage : 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins – minimum time – 3 hrs
  • Ergonomics and Postural Assessment can be as simple as placing your computer screen on a ream of copy paper to ease neck and should tension. Sessions take around 10 mins and include desk stretches for each individual.
  • Yoga : Gentle Yoga and stretching to Vinyasa to Power Flow Yoga – 30 mins – 1.5hr sessions are available.
  • Chinese Medicine Tongue and Pulse diagnosis sessions achieve ultimate body qi flow and balance, working toward solving any imbalance, pain or Western diagnosis through herbal medicine as well as advice in movement, diet and lifestyle. 15 mins – 20 mins sessions are available.
  • Nutritional Advises and Lifestyle coaches can assist with an increase in the immune system, a well – state of mind-, increase and sustained energy levels, a decrease in stress levels and management tools to keep a calm head, clear mind and improve concentration. Personal and group sessions are available from 10 mins to 1 hr.
  • Personal and Group Training is a popular before work fitness and strengthening options, helping to clear the mind, create a strong body and strong team. 45 mins to 1 hr sessions are available.
  • Meditation has been proven time and time again to be an exceptional tool to de-stress, clearing the mind, focus and improvement towards achievement of chosen goals with increased clarity and forward movement. Session are 30 mins, 45 mins to 1 hr, with the teacher giving the participants tools for self meditation, to be used within the structure of a busy workplace environment.
  • Sound Healing balances Qi and Charka’s. A session best utilised at the end of the day to calm, centre and balance, melting stress and ensuring a deep peaceful sleep.
  • Corporate Catering is varied and offers healthy food that is delectable infused with good fats, vegetable carbohydrates and fiber to ensure positive digestion, increased and maintained energy levels, taste bud satisfaction. All our meal can be altered for dietary requirements and we only use seasonal produce and meal structure.

We look very much forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your needs.   Feel free to call   Jemima on 0417 573 316 or email for questions, queries or quotes.

For more information please connect with

Jemima – 0417 573 316