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How do you Cleanse?

Have you ever cleansed your Home? Your Car? Your Work or Study? Yourself?

Have you ever felt you needed to stand in the sun to reboot or refresh, move the cobwebs on. It is important to cleanse, to move on the old energy so the new energy can flow in to reboot, nurture and create balance, harmony in your spaces and in yourself. At Tongue and Tonic we like to use all manner of cleansing, we are often burning incense, charcoal resins, candles, sage or palo santo, waking up the sound healing bowls with a ding, waking the crystals, changing the light bulbs in the salt lamps, spritzing ourselves and topping up the essential oil diffuser. Any or all of these cleansing tools create a harmony and peace in a space and in ourselves.

Happy cleansing.

Light & Warmth