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Ready for Wellness

Although February has kicked off in a colder nature than usual we are warmed up and ready to help you with Wellness!  In February we look forward to relaxing our mind and bodies to be swept away by Wendy’s  magical Sound Healing Session on Wednesday 11th of February at 7pm, I (Jemima) have begun Monday Mediation class to set you up for a zen week, held every Monday at Elwood community centre in Tennyson St at 6pm and I have been cleaning my blow darts (only kidding!) ready for community acupuncture held on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s every week  check out our community sessions page and wellness classes page for more info.

We have already welcomed into the world 5 bubs, who were encourage by acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment in our private practice.  We welcome all women who are keen to fall pregnant and produce some relaxed yin goats (Chinese Zodiac animal for 2015), a great choice if your keen for a placid baby….aren’t we all!

Energetically I can feel the shift morphing from the Trojan yang horse (Chinese Zodiac year 2014) melting and relaxing into the docile yin goat which kicks off on the 19th February 2015!  Hooray, now all of that craziness, head butting and prepping of 2014 can begin to pay off with the smoother more consistent flow for this year.  Many projects that were stagnant in 2014 will begin to move forward with ease, so just let go and go with it.

I have fully embraced my decision to go organic and gluten free, but make exceptions when eating out (we will all be on the same page eventually!)  My boys seem brighter with the change and moods have improved, which is an unexpected bonus benefit.

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