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The Weather is Turning

I sat down at my computer today and considered turning on the house heater.  Then I had a light bulb moment, why not have some soup with Organic Chicken Bone Broth that I  cooked over the long weekend.  Instant heat up.  Body warmth, tummy warmth and health warmth.


Chicken bone broth can really just be used like a stock, but it has less salt and more health benefits.  To make a great Chicken Bone Broth you will need these ingredients and time….

  • x3 organic chicken carcass’  – you can buy these from your local chicken shop, which you will then then need to roast/seal in the oven or you can save your carcass’ from roast chickens and store them in the freezer until you have enough.
  • Off cuts of vegetables all thrown in making sure you have onion and garlic in there too or celeriac/celery, carrots, a bulb/head garlic, onions x 2, sweet potato
  • Vinegar – any type to leech the calcium out of the bones in an ultra bio-availiable form for you to absorb.
  • Paprika, salt, turmeric, pepper
  • A glob of Dark Soy
  • I also add Huang Sou Wu (a Chinese blood tonic herb that is great for the hair) & Seaweed (to strengthen and nourish the Kidney’s in the colder months)

Throw everything into a super big pot and fill with filtered water, bring to the boil and then  on a low simmer (lid on) for 24hrs (don’t forget to top up your pot with water every 8 hrs or so).  Use 1 – 1.5 cups for a small soup and 2-3 cups for a large soup.  You can also cook your rice in bone broth, especially brown rice is yummy and nourishing. If you are too BUSY you can just come by and pick some up from me for $12, my freezer is bursting!

Happy nourishing.

Light & Warmth

Jemima Rose