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Premonition Pencil

Last Thursday at the time of the solar eclipse Luke & I ran our first Spiritual Awaking Session, we were excited to see so many interested human beings ready to awaken their Spirituality and their own surprise when the realisation hit it was all in there all along!  




We covered topics such as Intention Setting, Chakra Clearing, Energy Recognition and Awareness, Premonition Writing and Readings.  

Premonition writing is great tool to gain answers to questions that you seek.  If you find that you mind won’t settle, is cloudy or too busy to find the answer and your dreams are just as chaotic then Premonition writing is great one to try.  It works even better if you are an avid journal writer.


I have tried premonition writing in a couple of different ways and have honed my skills to share with you.  First find a space that is quiet, set up you paper and pencil/pen.  Close your eyes (here is the time we need to clear our mind so any messages can come through loud and clear), focus your mind on your question.  What if questions come into my mind?  If you deem these important open your eyes and write them on your paper for later, if they are just filler thoughts then close your eyes pop them in a ballon (in you mind) and let the ballon float away.  Once your mind has a singular focus, that being your question, begin to write.   You can write with your eyes open or closed, be sure not to lift your pencil off the paper keep contact at all times even when you are starting a new line.

I find this a great divination tool for my tool box.  Let me know how you benefit!

Next Spiritual Awakening session is Thursday 14th April at 7.15pm, see you there.