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Whilst I was making a seed biscuit stack (homemade seed biscuit topped with avocado, tomato and sauerkraut) I began to ponder about our up and coming Fermented Foods Workshop (Saturday 3rd October at RISE Wellness) my inner history buff mind began to wander about the origins and benefits of Sauerkraut.

As a Chinese Doctor I like to think that most amazing theories, food concepts and of course fermenting would come from Asia! Ok don’t get too up in arms, I’m not that narrow minded I know that Pavola originated in Australia……


In fact Sauerkraut did originate in Asia over 2,000 years ago, made with Rice Wine. It is thought most likely that as Gengis Kahn raped and pillaged all the way to Europe he brought this delicious gut healing fermented food with him, 1,000 years after it’s recorded inception.


As each culture adapts concepts to make them their own the German people use water and salt to make the brine instead of the Rice wine. Sauerkraut was also widely used by the Dutch at Sea to prevent scurvy.

Enough about history what are the health benefits you may be asking. Well as a fermented food sauerkraut holds inside the jar the ability to heal the gut as it contains lactobacillus bacteria, boost circulation and immune system, strengthen your bones, reduce cholesterol levels, protect heart health, decrease to eliminating inflammation, improve vision and skin health, lift energy and protect against certain cancers. It is also packed with essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins in each jar.


So at this point your probably asking yourself why aren’t you eating this amazing food, or if you are already eating sauerkraut you must be sitting pretty and pleased with all the health benefits you are providing yourself with! Sauerkraut is just one of the Fermented Foods we will be making in our up and coming Fermented Foods Workshop, Saturday 3rd October, click her to find out more.

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By Jemima typing away at RISE Wellness.