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We are online!

Maxine and I here at RISE Wellness have been setting our wellness intentions for 2015. Late in 2014 we laid the ground work for our newest community initiative ‘community acupuncture’ which benefits the community by offering acupuncture at the affordable rate of $30 a pop which has been made possible by creating a space with 2-4 acupuncture beds, a good opportunity to share the love and balance. All are welcome.

We are also practicing patience as we wait for Maxine’s 4th child to spout into the world.

Lastly we are drawing on our own acronym as we dig deep for Resources, Inspiration, Support and Education in the field of technology as we are coming close to finalising our website.

But in the interim for more info join us on Facebook:

Light & Warmth

Jemima & Maxine

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