Podcasting with the ‘Spiritual Tradie’

A couple of weeks ago I met ‘Spiritual Tradie’ aka Dan, Podcaster and Meditation teacher extraordinaire!  On our first meeting I was a little surprised that this pretty quiet and seemly reserved chap was a podcaster, I suppose I expected him to be more of an extravert.  I invited Dan to pop by to Tongue and Tonic the following week.  After 5 mins of him arriving he had convinced me it would be great to be on his podcast and had orchestrated a time, this had me pondering that there was more to this Spiritual Tradie fellow!

IMG_3784 IMG_2440 IMG_3785

On the reserved day and time I headed over to the ‘Spiritual Tradie’ magic hub and we got down to business…so to speak, lol!

The next day I took AGNI down for a little more podcasting…..Please feel free to let us know how we went!  You can find both podcast’s at https://www.spiritualtradie.com/ 

Happy listening.

Light & Warmth


AGNI Joins the T&T Family

We would love to welcome to our Tongue and Tonic Family….AGNI!


AGNI joins our Tongue and Tonic family with over 40 years of experience in Readings as a Seer, Medium and Spiritual Interpreter.  From growing up with Spirits following her to school and standing around her bed at night she is tuned in to reach out to your loved ones, interpreting and delivering  messages from the other side to you.   AGNI is available for Photo readings, House clearings, Business readings, Pet connection, past life journey’s, life challenges and direction.

If you are after a more in-depth reading AGNI draws on all of her tools and skills in her LIFE READING.  Throughout your  2+hr Life Reading, AGNI connects to ‘From on High’ in the spiritual realm, to pass on insightful information of that which you have chosen to experience before your birth in this life.  If you would like to seek guidance for family members, children, and close friends please bring photographs of the person or pet even, front on view.   It is also encouraged of you to record your reading, no matter which reading you choose a 1/2 hr, 1hr or Life Reading.

If you are curious but not entirely ready to commit you are welcome to book in to AGNI’s weekly meditation on THURSDAY nights at 6:45pm – 8:15pm.  AGNI facilitates this meditation practice by anchoring the space to allow those present to sit in a silent meditation.  After the session any messages ‘From on High’ are shared with those present.  AGNI’s silent meditation session are by donation.

If you are ready to expand your own intuitive tolls AGNI send us a message to register for our Spiritual Development Class.  More information coming soon.  To register your interest text you name, class interest and email to 0417 573 316.