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Landed in Elsternwick

We are the 6th Helipad building landing, 474 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick.


We don’t have our own designated Helicopter landing, so perhaps head down one of the traditional ways instead.  We have landed though in our first real-life shop and clinic setting with the vision to complete the dream by adding a Gluten Free cafe towards the end of 2019.  I have been super busy making soy candles, preparing gluten free goodies, collecting sustainable household products, sparkly crystals and sourcing unique Jewellery (Lauren sings mantra’s into each crystal on her one of kind mandala’s). Most importantly I have been working in tune with the universe to create a safe space for people to relax and open their minds to feeling well, nurtured and loved.

As well as myself treating Chinese Medicine, Massage and a bit of WooWoo (readings) we have some new practitioners that have been drawn to our new home.  Pop by to see our new chapter soon (expect on Tuesday’s, on Tuesday’s we like to chill, rest and reset.)

Light & Warmth



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Sorry, What is energy?



As an acupuncturist I’m often asked ‘how does acupuncture work?’ Quickly followed by ‘So do you think it really works?’

My response is alway this ‘in Chinese Medicine we believe that the body is mapped with invisible channels that run throughout your body, where the energy flows, it flows like a river of energy, some points it floods, some points it trickles and some points through our emotions or physical blocks build up dams, creating the river of energy to flow the incorrect path or create a block that starves the rest of the network.  Acupuncture can restore that balance and flow of invisible energy, creating a comfortable calmness and strong feeling of relaxation.’