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Bone Broth more than a Winter Warmer

Bone Broth is a Chinese Medicine Style Stock.  What makes it different?  The ingredients, to boost up the blood with the Chicken bone broth Chicken feet, seaweed, dark soy and vinegar (a splash) are added, cook for 12 hrs or overnight on a simmer.

To boost the Kidney’s, nourish and repair the bones, Beef bone broth: add in seaweed, dark soy and a double splash of vinegar, cook for 24-36hrs on a simmer.

To nourish the Yin and calm the heart Pork bone broth is used with trotters, seaweed, dark soy and a double splash of vinegar, cook for 15-18hrs on a simmer.

To boost your sexual drive, increase your fertile energy and nourish your yin add to your dietary mix a seafood broth with includes all manner of shells especially oyster shell, with a couple of different types of sea vegetables, seaweeds, dark soy and vinegar, cook for 6-8hrs on a simmer.

Don’t forget to add in any off cuts of vegetables, no need to throw anything out, also salt, pepper, garlic, onion, turmeric, carrot and celery.  Make sure you cook any of the bones in a hot oven before adding them to your pot, just keep your carcasses or cooked bones in the freezer till your ready to stock up.  After your stock is cooked strain and discard your bones, shells and vegetables and you have extracted all the nutrients into your broth.

Once your bone broth is made it freezes well and can be used for anything you would add stock to.  Just remember that the body likes variety, so don’t just make the chicken stock cycle all of them into your diet so your digestion is nourished, challenged and excited to use its whole range of enzymes resulting in a healthy and balanced gut.

Happy Nourishing 🙂